Originality オリジナル&オーダー家具を通じた総合的なインテリアデザインを提案

We propose the comprehensive interior designs throgh original & ordered furnitures.

We arrange and deliver the customized furniture that is made by the hands of designers in the first line in United States and Europe to match with the Japanese environment and style. Also, you can customize the materials and its color to suit your preferences. In addition to that, you can leave the total coordination of the room not only every single furniture but also curtains, vases, wall hangings, and lighting and interiors to us.

Gracefulness 優雅さ

An elegant and magnificient design, form, and color to impress customers.

Like the palace in medieval Europe, mansion of celebrities in Hollywood, and world of luxury interiors from the magazine… We provide such living spaces from the images to our customers who know what is “real”. In our showroom, we have great variety of interiors with beautiful and elegant designs, magnificent and graceful forms, and vivid colors to choose from. We will be waiting you with all these interiors.

Traditional beauty 伝統美

Furnitures that has been handed down in the tradition from generation to generation. Reproduction of the classic luxury element

Rococo furniture, neo-classical, chinoiserie, and Regency. Classic designs from culture of European nobles are still loved all over the world. We believe that it is because of its attractiveness and characters do not change even after a long time of period. These furniture give you not only function as furniture but also richness and elegance. We are trying our best to deliver such worlds to customers.

Fusion 融合

Providing the sophiscated space by fusioning classic, modern, and trends.

For example, putting Chinese-style vase to decorate the rococo interior, and putting latest furniture in the room filled with classic atmosphere. In the houses of celebrities and wealthy people from United States and Europe, this kind of fused style is becoming as a mainstream. We are trying to present this basic yet avant-garde style.

High-class feeling 高級感

Achieve the high-quality life stages with our interiors to make your thoughts real

We understand that customers have desire to choose what you really want since the interior is related to everyday life. To meet with your needs, our exclusive interior coordinator will assist you from choosing the interior in our showroom. Our joy is to make our upper-class customers to enjoy the high quality life.


During its long history,
beautiful classic furniture that has been nurtured along with the background of each era.
We introduce a design style typical of them.

Rococo ロココ

This style of art was born in 18th century and called as “Louis XV” well. This style was developed with salon culture of nobles and spreaded throughtout Europe from the France. You will see a lot of light curves and Gaburiore legs(cat legs) with the furniture. In addition to that, we call british rococo style from the time of Queen Anne as “Western Queen Anne”, these furnitures have great designs and feeling with it. Furnitures like chaires were loved by people in Britain because of its pleasantness.

Neo-Classic ネオクラシック

Literally, it has a meaning of “neoclassical” with the name. Originally, the word came from French allassotonic movement to Greek and Rome Unlike luscious design of rococo, you will find this neo-classic with linear, balanced, neat, and beautiful. It is said that the wife of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette ordered her people to make furniture and chair with her taste and those furniture became popular. This neo-classic furniture have pleasantness and gracefulness.

Chinoiserie シノワズリ

It is said that from the age of the Renaissance, designers of Western Europe were trying to put oriental taste with their styles. Their wish became true and formed as Shinoiserie. They used unique materials such as lacquer and decorated asymmetrical to mimic the Chinese style. Also, they got hints from the Japanese lacqer style. In the mid 18th century, Chinoiserie became even more popular among people because they made a fusion with rococo style furniture.

Reagency リージェンシー

After the French Revolution, Napoleon I introduced new fashion styles as if he is rejecting the old French culture and style. The style is imbued with an aura of solidity and adopted Egyptian culture from what he learned when he was on a militaly expedition. A large number of attractive furniture have been created from the Regency style, these furniture have liner form and as a small needle point design, you will find motif of lion, sphinx, and goddess on it. In addition to that, brown color is mainly used for this style and as an accent to it, they use gold color to give a depth.